An Ode to the Demon Lords of Hell

Hand-drawn vector illustration with all seeing eye of God on an open palm. Human hand with eye of Providence in the triangle, esoteric symbols, magic runes, alchemical signs and the words Trust no one

demon lord wallpaper

“Swarms of Demons-flies and winds-destroyers – troops of Baal-Zebul, have stepped in to the swamped land beyond the clouds, and all the spawn of night – retinue of the Lilith – like dark streams, clasped the place Aharon – Milhamah, they whirl the splinters of shameful commandments and grind, dividing, select and gather the noble black quartzes, attracting the most worthy granules of Inferna to the Infernus through the castellums of Devils might and due to Them.

Piercing and clinging disharmonies, condensing with batons of Power in sephers of the divine tree inherit the Will of Hell in the palaces of stars congestion and on the ruins of human civilizations.

Sulphurous mercurian smokes rise to the cold dominions of the Moon, draped in shadow. They rise in the moment when Lilith, enthroned on the earth, overflowing with anger violently press the Universe into the walls of a prepared tomb.

The signs of Astaroth in the bents of agile reptiles, and the principat of the spirit, scraped from the oxide of its own souls, are cut clarity and readiness, they are exhaust by wisdom and passion, the divine shades, crucified in the womb of anxiety.

And just by our first heart we are passionate, and by our second and principal one we are cold and impenetrable and homogeneous with Imperium, where we are like a receptacle for its principles and deposit , like a cradle of Officium.

There is a bloody burden in our hands – the longing of discreation particles. It oozes out between our fingers, falling down to the ground, bordering by it the place where anger and rebellion reign, where every inch of burned soul is penetrated with power.

And we are blind and all-seeing, closing our eyes before the wounds around our fleshes and looking through the chaos of shades on the surviving stratum of world creation.

We are the essence of ruins and the oppression of the outcast. And we really have royal scorn for every trouble on our way and devilish patience when pursuing our aims.

Inhaling the smells of human tragedies we absorb their sufferings with blood and sins, scope their power and get it inside of us for to reject the mercy in ignorance, showing the highest inhumanity and sacrilege of the Beast’s privileges.

Fighting against god, misanthropic ideologies, which execute humankind, are always welcome by us and coming from us. And Demons, Demons – burning winds, sequorors of Azaziel had no rest and tiredness in their destructive art, and hate was at the head of affairs.

Following the signs of wars and spells, in the hearth of hostilities; we come again tireless through deadly wounds and crimson breaks in the alien Universes, and we are steeled in cruel battles.

Legions of Sunset, united with us – legions Muscae and legions Lacustae grind the details of attacks sharp edge and cut in fury the spine of the X-th denarius of angelic troops, caught in confusion by Hell. Under the banner of Behemoth they shake the flesh with the march of the Beast and stretch the lions d own at our feet with legacy of

Adramelech, when tearing the tendons of stiffed sphinxes and ruling the third kingdom of the dead.

And again Asmodei had stepped on the earth and everywhere the spear of the archangel Michael encounters the resistance of the shield of Archystrategist Samael – the leader of all the satans and protector of the unholy.

Lonely forposts, chapels-seals, scattered above the fatal cores of the living earth, restricted with unsteadiness – they won’t keep their oath to god, when powerlessly yielding to the power of Belial, enthroned in the godless pantheon on the throne made of gods bones.

In smokes, fires and the fumes of blood there are the ways of Devils – the Rulers, which crossed the sickleshaped thresholds of the Gates we have opened, scope our evil will and confirmation of lawfulness.

And we are opened wide before Hell by our flame and Underworld, unable to betray or to reject, to retreat or to give up. We are opened wide before Satan by our devotion and honor, by that thing which we are: Hell.

In fire and ashes, in curses and pain, we storm the highest. And in this fight we are supported by the sword-bearers of Hell,

Possessing Steps, united with us

Ordinis tenebrarum, level mark-graffen, Infernas – these are the items of Infernus, treacherous in the faithlessness, conquering in the anger.

For the laws of Hell be done.
For the benefit of underworld.
As before as in Eternity.

Maledictum Liber Secundis

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