Hand-drawn vector illustration with all seeing eye of God on an open palm. Human hand with eye of Providence in the triangle, esoteric symbols, magic runes, alchemical signs and the words Trust no one

“Satan doesn’t actually exist outside the human imagination- just like God, Satan is not a conscious external, independent being, but is the internal personification of a moral code- a construct of our minds to provide character and narrative to a common morality.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam are institutions which find power in dictating human morality, regardless of the real-life consequences and without purpose other than increased power and influence. Anarcho-Satanism promotes empowering the individual through the individual’s creative practice of moral judgment, and examining the evident consequences in detail for the purpose of gradual improvements to the overall quality of life. Anarcho-Satanists seek to reclaim the right of moral judgment from God, and entitle the communities and individuals with the self-confidence to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. The God of the monotheistic western religions is evil disguised as good, while Satan is good disguised as evil. As times change and human life evolves, this historic inversion of morality is slowly being corrected.

For hundreds and thousands of years, crusades, inquisitions, witch hunts, jihads, imperial colonization, slavery, and all other manner of organized cruelties have been carried out in the name of God. The cover of God provides the justification for the weak-minded and weak-willed to commit the worst atrocities, thinking that they will be forgiven by God rewarded in an afterlife for their mindless devotion.

When Christians Jews and Muslims are no longer able to create an illusion of eternal suffering for those who deny their God, they are no longer able to justify worship of their God as a path to salvation, as there is then nothing to be saved from, except the world which the influence of God has warped and twisted from an ancient paradise into a modern hell on earth.

Christianity, Judaism and Islam would have us believe that God is omnipotent; the source of existence and a benevolent entity, but to be all-powerful and to still allow atrocities to occur could only demonstrate the unjust cruelty of the source of these atrocities. If God had not wanted humans to suffer from rape, murder, disease, starvation, poverty, natural disasters, war, terrorism, torture and genocide, why would God create these conditions? Why would an all-powerful, omnipotent God allow such catastrophes to continually plague humanity? If it is part of God’s plan, then we as individuals must find the inner strength of our ability to reason and rightfully judge the plan as horribly flawed, or as the lack of any plan.

Anarcho-Satanism is an anti-theist philosophy that Christianity, Judaism and Islam have caused much more harm to humanity than good, that the harm caused by the major monotheistic religions has materially profited an elite few- mostly Governments, Corporations and Clergy, who insulate their ill-gotten wealth with social hierarchy and stratification, enforced by militarized police. An opposing view of common morality is the next step in the evolution of humanity, where all can find equality through growing beyond the presumption of divinely-imposed subordination and inferiority.

Anarcho-Satanism worships life on earth instead of worshiping God and the empty promises and threats of an afterlife. Anarcho-Satanism seeks to empower the community through empowering the individuals within it, instead of surrendering the glory of free will to God. Anarcho-Satanism seeks to restore the interconnected balance of the natural order and destroy the hierarchical, elitist divine order. Anarcho-Satanists are liberated intellectuals with vast capacities for empathic concern, while the Christians Jews and Muslims are psychologically-sterilized slaves who live in mortal fear of their castrator and slave-master God. Satanists seek to create a paradise on earth, while Christians Jews and Muslims destroy the earth and each other in an attempt to reach a paradise in an afterlife. Anarcho-Satanists seek pleasure and mutual benefit, while Christians Jews and Muslims seek to deny pleasure and deny a common understanding with those who do not share their ideas of God. Anarcho-Satanists work towards trust based on logic and reason instead of holding to blind faith. Anarcho-Satanists find pride within their ascension to more equal and just beings, while Christians Jews and Muslims seek to keep humanity wretched to create a greater contrast to the glory of their God. Anarcho-Satanists trust themselves and their chosen communities, and distrust the dictates of all authorities that seek to justify their authority by divine mandate.

Anarcho-Satanists seek to live in the present… not continuing in the obvious mistakes of our less-evolved ancestors, and not in the delusion of individual consciousness existing beyond death. Anarcho-Satanists believe in mutual self-reliance… not in appeals to the charity of the unjustly rich, and not in profiting from the labors of the unjustly poor.

Anarcho-Satanists strive to become their own gods, and to recognize that same divinity-of-self when it is realized in others. Anarcho-Satanists choose for themselves the reasons and ways to exercise judgment or exercise forgiveness, how and when to show mercy, and how and when to show wrath. Anarcho-Satanists are unafraid to defend themselves, instead of constantly “turning the other cheek” and repeatedly becoming the victims of brutal attacks through God-induced cowardice. Anarcho-Satanists seek universal responsibility and accountability, stemming from our natural inclinations towards creating and maintaining a society based on justice.

Anarcho-Satanists do not abuse children or sacrifice living beings- this is a false accusation of monotheists to divert attention away from their abuse of children, their human sacrifice of soldiers (and civilian ‘collateral damage’) in war, and and the sacrifice of the joys of life they demand so that their believers can come to their deaths with ‘clean souls’ and supposedly enter a heavenly afterlife.

The First Church of Satan was founded on the authority of one man (Anton LaVey), was enshrouded in the occult mysticism of high priests, and was focused on rituals seeking to gratify selfish, short-sighted desires through the “magic” of psychological projection. To provide a serious and strong resistance to monotheism, a new and different approach is necessary.

The First Church of Satan does not proselytize- after LaVey died, leaders of the First Church of Satan sought a low profile to enable Machiavellian scheming from the shadows of obscurity. The Church of Satan Anarchist is willing to proselytize and seeks to bring light upon forbidden taboos by spreading the word of what worshiping Satan really means, which is worshiping yourself, worshiping other people, and worshiping other forms of life on earth. The First Church of Satan holds the view that most of humanity is unfit for inclusion, education and advancement… beyond hope of evolution, and that building a community will only enable persecution. The Church of Satan Anarchist refutes this view, is unafraid of persecution, and seeks to actively disseminate knowledge of a new approach to Satanism for the purpose of building strong and sustainable communities around the worship of life.

The Church of Satan Anarchist encourages individuals to form and practice their own rituals of life-worship, as those individuals are the best judges of what forms of worship best suit them. However, it is suggested that adherents to The Church of Satan Anarchist contemplate an attempt to liberate themselves from the influence of God through the following three actions-

First, the Journey (actively pursuing self-discovery of mental and physical limits through a number of different means, which can include sexual experimentation, body modification, sport and game participation, education, meditation, inebriation, artistic expression, cooperative labor, debate, martial arts, travel, etc.) Second, the Pit (more commonly known as a Mosh Pit or Circle Pit- a wild dance to loud, energetic music, where the dancer’s bodies randomly collide.) Third, the Black Mass (more commonly known as the Black Bloc protest tactic- anonymous individuals wearing all black taking direct action against institutions of injustice- institutions which are often rooted in the false values of monotheism.)

The suggested holidays of The Church of Satan Anarchist are individual birthdays (to be celebrated as the individual sees fit), Halloween (a festival of anonymous liberation and remembrance of the dead), and seasonal equinoxes and solstices (as reminders of life’s patterns and balance). There is no requirement to celebrate these holidays, and no rule to prevent the individual from celebrating other holidays.

The Church of Satan Anarchist considers the human body to be the temple of worship, and rejects the cold marble, stained glass and ill-gotten wealth of monotheists in favor of the grace, strength, diversity and adaptability of our physiques- the result of millions of years of human evolution.

The Church of Satan Anarchist is strongly opposed to racism, sexism, homophobia, and hierarchy. Adherents promote equal treatment for all as the foundation for a just society. The Church of Satan Anarchist is strongly opposed to occult mysticism. Adherents promote open communal joy celebrated through life’s interconnectedness.

The Church of Satan Anarchist has adopted the symbol of the goat’s head within the inverted pentagram overlaid with an anarchy symbol to recognize their role as the scapegoats of the inverted morality prevalent in modern society due to the influence of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

If you respect the boundaries of people more than you respect the boundaries of property, if you believe in making the world a better place more than you believe in going to heaven or avoiding hell, and if you trust in yourself and other people close to you more than you trust in God, you are already well on your way towards being an Anarcho-Satanist.”

Devil’s Advocate 616

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