Clemence Isaure: The Rosicrucian Golden Isis – Grand Master Julie Scott, S.r.c.

Hand-drawn vector illustration with all seeing eye of God on an open palm. Human hand with eye of Providence in the triangle, esoteric symbols, magic runes, alchemical signs and the words Trust no one

This podcast features an article from the 2010 No. 1 Isis issue of the Rosicrucian Digest. Isis, in one of her many manifestations, was present at the transmission of the Rose+Croix Tradition from the
Rosicrucians of Toulouse to H. Spencer Lewis and the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC,in August 1909. Grand Master Julie Scott traces the fascinating story of this Golden Isis from the Middle Ages to the beginnings of this phase of Rosicrucian work.

Running Time: 14:58 | 20.57 MB
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