Demon Stones

Hand-drawn vector illustration with all seeing eye of God on an open palm. Human hand with eye of Providence in the triangle, esoteric symbols, magic runes, alchemical signs and the words Trust no one


“This is a personal method of divination that I have developed. Demon stones are a set of sixteen stones that you make yourself. The system is based on the Dukanté hierarchy, but I am sure you could make the same device with a different hierarchy, such as the Goetic. For this form of divination, you go out and find sixteen plain rocks that you like. I suggest doing this by a creek and find the ones that are smoothed out with water. If you live in the desert, just go to a place where you can find rocks. If you cannot find plain rocks for some reason, find some small chunks of quartz and draw the sigils instead.

Upon these stones, you draw the sigils of the sixteen different Demons I have listed. Get a nice velveteen bag that will fit the stones, for storage and to draw them out.

The Process:

1. Gathering the stones.
2. Purifying them with the elements (earth, air, fire, water).
3. Anoint each and every one of the stones with an appropriate oleum … if you really need to use the stones quickly, I suggest anointing them with olive oil.
4. Now you paint the actual sigils upon the stones/crystals, infusing your energy into them, making them ALIVE.
5. Ask a divination Demon such as Delepitore or Vassago to bless your stones.
6. Now you are ready to use the stones! The more you utilize them, the better they work!

The Demons and Their Meanings:
(Note: I only include the Dukante hierarchy because listing the meanings of 72 different stones would be very time consuming. …)

– Represents stability in all forms; also represents the physical, tactile world.

– Represents the mind, mental thought processes, enlightenment.

– Represents sudden change, hastiness; lust for the ego.

– Represents the flow of life, dealing with emotions, the passing of fear, judgment, detecting lies, faith.

– Represents ALL wisdom, the universe, completion of something.

– Represents the positive polarity of life, healing, protection, medicine, and sometimes impatience.

– Represents the negative polarity of life, destroyer, disaster, negative feelings, holding in emotions, release of fear.

– Represents growth, life, positive change. Motherhood. Family.

– Represents death, not necessarily in the physical form, but the death of attached emotions, fears, anger; represents change in any form.

– Represents material gain, jobs, money, hoarding, greed.

– Represents unconditional love, long- term relationships, marriage.

– Represents wisdom, divination, sorcery, magic. She represents the path we tread, the terra we walk on, the right way to go.

– Represents femininity, love, relationships (especially beginning new ones).

– The Priestess of friendship, represents platonic relationships, positive family life.

– Represents lust, physical aspects of life, sometimes obsessive lust.

– Represents education, book smarts, college, poetry, learning.

– Represents battle, upheaval.

– Represents hatred in all of its forms, also wisdom through negativity. Divining & Speaking With Daemons

– Knowledge, secrets, sorcery,change.

Methods of Demon Stone Divination

Four Stone
Ask a question, shake the bag, and stick your hand in the bag and pull out four stones. These you will read, and will determine the answer to your question.

Six Stone
Ask your question. Shake the bag and draw out six stones. The first two represent the past, the second two represent the present, and the third two represent the future. This is fairly simple.

If you think you need more stones to answer the question, by all means, draw as many more stones as you desire. There is always more room for different ways to read these stones. Make one up if you wish.”

– J. Thorp, Divining & Speaking With Daemons

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