Expedient Means — the Lotus Sutra’s Essence Chapter (Chapter 2) 妙法莲华经 translated by Venerable Master Hsuang Hua

舍利弗,我今亦复如是,知诸众生有种种欲,深心所著,随其本性 ,以种种因缘、譬喻言辞、方便力、而为说法。
“Shariputra, I, now, too am also like this. Knowing that living beings have various desires to which their hearts are deeply attached, according to their basic dispositions, and by means of various causes and conditions, analogies, expressions, and the power of expedient devices, I speak the Dharma to them.”

“Shariputra, this is all done so that they may attain the One Buddha Vehicle and the Wisdom of All Modes.”

“Shariputra, in the worlds of the ten directions, there are not even two vehicles, how much the less three.

舍利弗,诸佛出于五浊恶世,所谓劫浊、烦恼浊、众生浊、见浊、 命浊。
Shariputra, all Buddhas appear in the world of the five evil turbidities, that is, the kalpa turbidity, the affliction turbidity, the living beings turbidity, the view turbidity, and the life turbidity.

如是舍利弗,劫浊乱时,众生垢重,悭贪嫉妒,成就诸不善根故, 诸佛以方便力,于一佛乘、分别说三。
So, Shariputra, it is that in the time of the confusion of the kalpa turbidity, living beings are heavy-laden with impurities. Because they are stingy, greedy, envious, and jealous, they develop unwholesome roots. For this reason, all the Buddhas, by means of the power of expedient devices, within the One Buddha Vehicle, make discriminations and speak of three.

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