Hour of Slack #1339 – SubGenius @ Starwood Festival 31 (Part 1)

Hour of Slack #1339 - SubGenius @ Starwood Festival 31 (Part 1)

Being the Disbeliever Mascot of a huge pagan festival has its perks. The first half of Rev. Ivan Stang’s annual Sermon to the Pagans is the main feature of this episode, which also includes a righteous short SubGenius sermon by Rev. “Suds” Pshaw and a longer interview with Stang conducted by Church of All Worlds founder Oberon Zell for the weekly podcast, “Pagans Tonight.” There are also some location recordings and observations by Stang & Wei from Starwood, including a discussion with Lord Thatan himself, and even little bits of Ask Dr. Hal and a LeMur collage that we saved just for a Starwood show. Next week will feature Part 2 of Stang’s sermon and more location recordings. Stang’s sermon is not really all-Stang; it includes readings from shorter SubGenius-defining rants by Dr. Onan Canobite, Rev. Phineas Narco, the kooks of alt.slack and scrubgenius, and others.

Photo Report on Starwood 31

Starwood 31 in 5.5 Minutes video

 “Bob” Appears at Starwood, Very Late at Night

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