Hour of Slack #1360 – THE THING? / Great Rest Stops of the Great Southwest

Hour of Slack #1360 - THE THING? / Great Rest Stops of the Great Southwest

I fret that our current spate of “SubGenius Travelogue” episodes is self-indulgent. Don’t worry, they end at the point where The Rock That Wants You to Sprain Your Ankle finally got to me, and I sprained my ankle. That’s coming soon, in an entire show about breaking rules and ankles. In the meanwhile, I’m trying to intersperse the educational-sounding travel and historical anecdotes with weird and good music, and clips from the other SubGenius shows that we invaded during our travels. The travel narration this time is from Chiricahua National Monument near Willcox, Arizona. The entire first ten minutes of the show is a The Large collage which, for some reason, includes an actual pretty song. The other music is from Einstein’s Secrety Orchestra (live in 2000) and a weird old song by a “Janet Green” confusing Communism with Fascism (they are technically more like opposites, although both often lead to totalitarianism). Some very old LeMur collages and new Rev. Royal DeCapitator collages are included, and new PR Nooz. Special thanks to The Puzzling Evidence Show, The Ask Dr. Hal Show, Radio Synaesthesia, Rev. Phineas Narco, Dr. Philo Drummond and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Oh, and Princess Wei ‘R.’ Doe.

StangDoe Photos of Chiricahua National Monument and Environs

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