Hour of Slack #1416 – Annual Live Pre-Pre-X-Day Pre-Preview Re-Rupture-Rama

Hour of Slack #1416 - Annual Live Pre-Pre-X-Day Pre-Preview Re-Rupture-Rama

X-Day is coming, so a great “Planet X vs. Classic X-Day Songs” opening assembled itself from songs by King of Slack Bill T. Miller, ESO, The Kirkendahl Void, and The Mondo Retardo Band (Lonesome Cowboy Dave) — combined with sacred movie dialog clips regarding MONSTER ZERO, selected by Mister Sister. But after that had been played, and the “ON AIR” light went on, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in, we proceeded to go off on miriad tangents and didn’t talk about X-Day much at all. Dave took advantage of an unusual technical problem in the studio, an inadvertent reverb caused by the phone line inexplicably staying loud on preview speakers that are supposed to automatically shut off whenever the mics are live. After failing to defeat it, we rode the glitch. Government monitoring of private communication is discussed (but probably not even monitored). A few items of gossip heretofore kept secret regarding upcoming future SubGenius events are leaked, mainly concerning Pittsburgh Devival June 22 and X-Day/Starwood the first two weeks of July. THEN it gets WEIRD.

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