Hour of Slack #1422 – Boobs & Bands of “Bob” at 16X-Day

Hour of Slack #1422 - Boobs & Bands of "Bob" at 16X-Day

Presenting the first of the EDITED 16 X-Day shows, utilizing choice tracks recorded live at X-Day “2013,” with a post-X-Day Synaesthesia talk show forming a rude “skeleton” for the “meat” of live performances. As Dr. Hal & Rev. Stang reminisce, we cut to the subjects of their reveries: the Naked Bobtism, the Bulldada Auction, a truly powerful new song by Andrew the Impaled, music by The Slot Rods, Piscean ranting with Uncountable-Fisted Tails of Connie, collages by Rev. Susie the Floozie, The Mutant Mountain Boys’ unique back-up singer, and the rain. The seemingly endless rain. (It wasn’t actually all that endless, just ill-timed.)

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