Hour of Slack #1446 – Drugs Special Pt. 2 (Rerun of #52)

Hour of Slack #1446 - Drugs Special Pt. 2 (Rerun of #52)

All except Lil’s “So This is Frop” and the ESO sequence are from Hour of Slack #52 & 53, the Anti-Anti-Drug Specials, from 1986. This pro-‘Frop follow-up to the previous week’s Anti-Anti-Drug Special has a similar cast of dozens of the early main SubGenius Doktors such as Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, G. Gordon Gordon, Mark Mothersbaugh, The Swinging Love Corpses and DK Jones. Stang reads from THE BOOK OF THE SUBGENIUS (this was not long after it was published!) Rare, hideous recordings from an actual Dokstock (the Church’s “acid tests”) are included as examples of just HOW far it can go.

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