Hour of Slack #1459 – A Monster High

Hour of Slack #1459 - A Monster High

(Live 2014-4-6) Roping “LoneCow Dave” into the station by phone has been tricky lately, so we spent half of this episode replaying some 2005 recordings made when Dave was actually in the WCSB studio. These sections, which we found on a special disc while cleaning, are very rantful although they were originally selected specifically for Wei’s Mom to hear, ten years ago. Suddenly, in the middle of the show, Stang, Doe and Dave age 10 years and (among other things) struggle with the issue of racism among monsters — especially the monsters of a con-for-kids franchise called Monster High. (It attracted our attention for the obvious reasons: girls and monsters.) The “Bob”-“Oyeh” song at the very end is by Rev. Circle Maker.

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