Hour of Slack #1463 – Headlines + Rudy Schwartz Project

Hour of Slack #1463 - Headlines + Rudy Schwartz Project

Apparently one obese phone repair guy with the crack of his ass showing is more powerful than a vast army of vindictive spirit-world prank-callers. (A jealous kook informed us that WCSB’s phone problems of last month were caused by his imaginary spirit-buddies’ anger at us.) “Don’t EVER mess with the blue collar ass crack!!” — Rev. Heathen. Anyway, we play another great Papa Joe Mama sermon, three more brand new songs from The Rudy Schwartz Project, a little Puzzling Evidence, and then the rest of the show is the Stang-Doe-LCD Jabber Machine. Stang recites many funny headlines off the site, which specializes in gathering examples of poebucker dumbassitude from Christian TV preachers, extremist political “pundits” and other folks wearing Mockery Bull’s Eyes on their foreheads. About half of the dumbassery comes from Fox “news” show hosts and panels. We should probably be ashamed of ourselves, because, well, it’s TOO EASY. “These gags write themselves.” 

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