Hour of Slack #1505 – Through the Trapdoor

Hour of Slack #1505 - Through the Trapdoor

“Things haven’t really gotten any worse — just YOU!” That was one of the cheery things that was said during the live part. For the first 22 minutes, however, it’s a 35-track collage of everything from mean one-liners denouncing Stang to mind-blowing fake commercials by Rev. Bleepo Abernathy. (As always, see the track list at’s Radio section for the endless details.) Lots of bits by LeMur, The Large, Norel pref (from the olden days) and there’s even a song by Stang & Wei’s grandsons! It would all be charming were it not so sick. Come to think of it, the live part delves into some pretty darned sick subjects indeed. This is one of those shows where you hear Wei say “Gross!” a lot. 

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