Hour of Slack #1536 – 18X-Day Cross Section #1

Hour of Slack #1536 - 18X-Day Cross Section #1

This is an unusually exciting and variegated episode because it is the first of the X-Day Cross Section shows — that is, a “best of” the many ranters and musicians who went on stage at 18X-Day. There are sermons by Rev. Fidd Chewley, Grill Ninja, Bishop Stick, Pisces and others; a NEW song by Andrew the Impaled, and a great “oldie” by Rev. Andrew Genus; lots of 6-Fisted Tales jamming, including one jam with a rap song by DJ Gravity (“Don’t ‘Frop with “Bob””), and, most horrible of all, “If I Can’t Whup It I’ll Go Down” by the reunited Drs. 4 Wotan (starring the Stang-Drummond-Wei-BobKat families). If only we’d had Ed Sullivan to introduce the acts. It’s quite the variety show. NOTE: The digit formerly known as “The Pinky” is henceforth to be called “The Digger.”

 Photos from 18X-Day and Starwood

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