Hour of Slack #1541 – Deconstruction of Rock Band Interpersonal Dynamics

Hour of Slack #1541 - Deconstruction of Rock Band Interpersonal Dynamics

DON’T LISTEN TO THIS! It could harm your sensibilities. Seriously. We worked like the very dickens editing this material to make it palatable, but we still have mixed feelings about this particular episode. From the introduction: “… this won’t be a typical episode. The first song you’ll hear, by Andrew the Impaled, is a regular type of song, but after that we’ll be hearing excerpts from other SubGenius bands, all recorded live at 18X-Day, but all involving much rock band member PATTER that is, if not of a completely sarcastic and satirical nature, actually very sincerely dumb and horrible. It is an exploration of what we call “doktor music” — not always easy on the ears, but always REVEALING of the sheer vanity inherent in any performing band. We’ll hear arguments between members of Drs. For Wotan, and 6 Fisted Tails of Connie, with some actual music included; we’ll even hear Rev. Angry Larry of The Amino Acids teach the band The Coming of the Giant Germs his trick for remembering chords for rock songs by spelling out WORDS with the letters representing each note. (You’ll HATE the tune we call “BGB DGBB!”) Finally, and perhaps climactically, we’ll hear some off the cuff improvisational parodies whipped out BETWEEN bands by our M.C., Priestess Pisces.”

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((PLEASE NOTE: They DON’T sound ANYTHING like this particular show!))

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