Hour of Slack #1551 – BURN, “BOB,” BURN

Hour of Slack #1551 - BURN, "BOB," BURN

On the last Radio Synaesthesia show after 18X-Day, among many other things we talked about a terrible deed that we had collectively committed at the very climax of that fateful Drill. This week, our lawyers have advised that we can finally reveal the recordings of the “event” to prove it really happened, and to settle the rumors regarding just how bad it was. You can almost smell the meat cooking when you hear it! Disgusting, certainly, and yet unquestionably mouth-watering. Following that scandalous yet strangely appetising portion of the show, Rev. Andrew Genus calls in and helps us gently to the end of all of the 18X-Day Hours of Slack. We made the 18X-Day shows last from July “2015” to January “2016”! Praise “Bob”! It signals a New Year as well as the immediate need for a 19X-Day web page on SubSITE.

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