Hour of Slack #1554 – Dr. Sinister’s Big Shtick

Hour of Slack #1554 - Dr. Sinister's Big Shtick

Again we scavenge Radio Synaesthesia by “phoning it in” from Texas but also sewing Dr. Sinister’s talk show with SubGenius media barrages (by Dok Cosmac this time) and music from Rural War Room, The Fantastic Plastics, and a brand new Bobsong by Rev. Spalbort Xylexyzkell. Subjects covered: Surrealist jokes. Durian fruit. Stang has become normal lab rat like other Americans by watching TV and getting a smart phone. The new X-Files, SyFy Channel shows. Neural implants and motion sickness. Old folks and video games. Who’ll be Inside The Dome, who’ll be out. Trump’s Wall around WCSB. “They won’t respect ya unless ya kill ’em!” Dr. Sinister campaigns for President. Also starring Lonesome Cowboy Dave, No Money Mark and The Management.

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