Hour of Slack #1559 – Pufferdome Devival 2015

Hour of Slack #1559 - Pufferdome Devival 2015

Rev. Phineas Narco’s new song “Unelectable” starts the show. The rest was recorded last July at the Starwood Festival during a special Friday midnight show in The Pufferdome. The Pufferdome is a huge inflated half-dome that holds a whole band and audience, with 360 degree video projections by Waking Dream, although in this case Waking Dream was projecting Rev. Stang’s psychedelic SubGenius videos. We had to filter the audio recording a lot due to noise from the blowers that keep the Pufferdome puffed, but it doesn’t sound any weirder than it sounded in real life. The music at the end is the song “Planet X or Bust” by The El Queso All Stars. Rant subjects include: the quotes on “Bob” Dobbs. NSA hawk-drones and Facebook job privacy. Phones that talk back. Occult 102 graduation. Rosicrucian history. Cannibal rednecks and the Self-Terrifying Whites of Dumbassica. Let “Bob” smoke you. Sci fi vs. religion vs. history and science. Slack and the Con. Luck vs. smarts. Don’t envy the rich. SubGenius kooks. Satanists at Starwood — all one of them. Our heroes.

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