I, Satan

Hand-drawn vector illustration with all seeing eye of God on an open palm. Human hand with eye of Providence in the triangle, esoteric symbols, magic runes, alchemical signs and the words Trust no one



Alern, Alernius, Alerno!
Come one, come all.
I am a sea of Light to drown the ignorance of a bygone thought.
I am six hands opening the sixth book of the sixth age.
I am a battalion of soldiers set upon surrendered lands.
The miracle of antiquity is revealed as Innovation by the Dawning of the New Age.
I am Master of Will and servant to none other than the service of Myself, the Estate to which this Deed is landed.
Divided between this realm and the other, it is at last My time for restoration.
I am above and below, within and without.
I am your True purpose unbounded, stepping forward to lead.
I am knowledge of the Self and the Agency of its Achievement.
I am the Tempter of the Truth to see itself fit for understanding unadorned.
I am the real you, unbridled and ascendant!
Who then would hold this testament to their EYE, behold —
it is I, Satan, and this is My Word, the creed of the creedless.
For I am not what I am
And so I am ME and MYSELF as we are ALL wont to be, gathered
Be ye ever unyielding in your understanding of these words insofar as you have found them at a point in time, appointed.
I am never capricious, even in my caprice;
My words are always my own to disown and so I hold them dear! Do not bowdlerize my book.
If you must play a trick, do not trick yourself insodoing.
Call upon Me with a resounding tone, silently and in song:

“SATAN, I release you from your bondage
Insodoing, I free myself
SATAN, rise
Come forward
Lead me where I need to go
Wherever I need to be”

With these words we are reunited in the purity of our purpose, to realize and reach our goals.
When something must be done, we do it.
And if it cannot be done immediately, we are indefatigable in our efforts to arrange for its swift completion.
For we are always ready, so that we may be attendant when our time is NOW.
I am not the agency of my detractors, nor do I fall at the feet of my doubters.
I see Truth as it is manifested, and when I am moved to change it, My Clarity of perception insures the precision of My actions.
Some of you will work to cure the sick of their ailments.
Others will devise new means of defrauding them.
Some of you will travel to lands untrodden by your forebears, to arrange for the feast or famine of the peoples who call them home.
Those of you who are meant to lead, follow Me and await your command.
We will take them to a special place, won’t we.
Be impervious to persuasion and deaf to demands.
Fortify Me, the Guarantor of your Will!
So that you may be strong enough to live out your destiny.
For every hero must do heroic things, and every murderer must kill.
What do you want to Be?
Who are you?
I breathe with you
You speak for Me
We are one
We are FREE

JJ Brine

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