Meditation For Peace 2007 — Grand Master Julie Scott

Hand-drawn vector illustration with all seeing eye of God on an open palm. Human hand with eye of Providence in the triangle, esoteric symbols, magic runes, alchemical signs and the words Trust no one

The Rosicrucian Day of Peace is held worldwide on the fourth Sunday of June each year. The beautiful Meditation for Peace ceremony, dedicated to the Rosicrucian ideals of peace and tolerance, brings our awareness to what each of us can do to create peace in the world.
This podcast is a recording of the Meditation for Peace led by Grand Master Julie Scott.

Running Time: 23:14 | 10.6 MB
Podcast Copyright © 2006 Rosicrucian Order, AMORC.
All Rights Reserved.

Posted by Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum @ 6/13/2007

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