Mesopotamian Society and “The Watchers”

Hand-drawn vector illustration with all seeing eye of God on an open palm. Human hand with eye of Providence in the triangle, esoteric symbols, magic runes, alchemical signs and the words Trust no one


“The Garden (Eden) there spoken of was Babylon “The gate of the gods” (New Babylon -> Nimrod etc.) as the name means. Babylon surrounded by high walls was indeed a garden in the strict sense of the word for it was large enough to hold agricultural grounds as well as houses. Into this garden the gods (Elohim) took the proletarians or “forerunners of the gods” on probation, to make “like us.” The Serpent priest or Satan/Lucifer warned them they would only be slaves. (The Pharaoh of Egypt was called a Dragon, Ezekial 29:3, and the soldiers of the Pharaoh were called Dragons.) Thus it may be easily seen why the children of Israel were prone to worship the Serpent, the emblem of the gods from whence they came.” – Henry Binkley Stein

“The early Israelites were mostly sun worshipers. And even in later times, the sun god, Baal, divided with Jehovah the worship of the Jews. Solomon’s worship included not merely the worship of Jehovah, but that of Baal and other gods … Most of the Israelites certainly saw no harm in these ornaments.” – John E. Remsberg

“That there was in progress a great colonizing movement by the gods (Watchers) is evidenced by the names of the countries of Europe. Each European country has an El derivitive name. This deserves more research. We shall enumerate some of them: Belgium, Alle-mania, Angel-land, Gaul or Gael, Kel or Caledonia, Val or Vals and its reverse Slave, possibly from the Runic language; Italy from the word Atlas(synonym for Lucifer); Palestine from the word Pales the god of pasture lands; Illyria, Wallencia, and so forth.” – Henry Binkley Stein

– originally cited by Illumination XXX

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