The Book of Dagon – Al Nimlu Kirtag (The Red Scroll) and Al Schera Kirtag (The Black Scroll)

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The following excerpts are taken from the Book of Dagon, an ancient document whose roots trace back to Ancient Assyria. It contains references to human sacrifice and graphic violence, and is not recommended for readers of weak constitution. I have included the introduction so that you may read the translated invocation with the proper context in mind.


The Book of Dagon is unique document written by priests of an Ancient Assyria in XV B.C.

Today members of Vermilion Brotherhood unsuccessfully try to blame this writing as fiction of the late medieval times. They come supported with propaganda of some false organizations and have only one goal – to arouse and strengthen distrust to really useful knowledge of Black Practice.However, the fact that original document, preserved in the library of Gallia Congregation of the Great Black Lodge, was written on oil- paper but not on clay tablets, it can not be strong argument for those, who try to dispute the ancient origin of this book. It’s not a secrete that late Sumerian civilization spent its time in degradation. So that it can explain how clay tablets became most popular things for writings instead of coil-paper parchment. The last one was usually used for writings of business and calculations. Nevertheless, parchment was often used by Sumerian priests for writing some magical signs, and as a result it might be that in last centuries of Sumerian civilization parchment begot some sacred meaning and later it was forbidden to write and depict on parchment everything except magical information. It’s clear that such a hypothesis doesn’t disprove possibility of someone person used oil- paper for writing some document such as The Book of Dagon.

Next problem that disturbs to acknowledge the authenticity of this ancient document is its true title that probably was lost or maybe that was not given at all. We’ll try to explain this situation. This Book consists of two parts titled in early akkadian dialect Al Nimlu Kirtag – The Red Scroll and Al Shchera Kirtag – The Black Scroll. The first part tells about the formulas and recipes of Forbidden Boundless Demonolatria, and second one looks like some sinisterominous chronicle – tale of adventure of the King Rakasaul ruler of the land Mot – the land that by statements of Fon Yuntz is not mythical but actual and that is situated in Central America. Interrelation between population of this land and of some high developed ancient civilization of Eurasian continent was not impossible.

The Book of Dagon was given by Dutchman Jeremiah Van-Meier, who lived in Holland in times of Spanish occupation. He was first European occultist addicted and devoted to traditions of Sorcery and worship of Elders and Ancient Ones. He found this rarity when traveling through the Palestine.

Now about the language of this book. As there was a difference between methods of sacred and business information, so the language of priests could not be identical to average citizens. It’s known that Assur, Embodiment of the Beast, founder of an Ancient Assyrian Kingdom, granted to his tribe the alphabet UBRASH of 343 signs. It was lost in time, because some symbols were used seldom and only by the most dedicated and devoted people. Usually priests used about seventy signs to make up even very complicated texts and formulas. These signs are the base of alphabet NAHAR, and the rest of signs were used as prefixes, intanacles etc. So language of Red and Black Scrolls is based on the alphabet NAHAR.

Latin translation, made by Van-Meier from original document, was preserved in library of Genoa Company merchant Willem Lazarus. As the result, this document along with original text was found by Abbot Bartholomew. Later both texts appeared in Oaksford and came to the hands of Black Lodge during Johann Kellenheims pontificate in 1904.

We introduce you translation from Latin and original version. All translations by N.S.T. of G.B.L.

Al Nimlu Kirtag
The Red Scroll

Invocation to the Goddess Akmarru Before the beginning of ceremony:


Hymn to destroy the fetters:
It was written from the words of the priest Haru Ashvatt by his ancestor Ebbu Stagforru Ammannim during the reign of the Black Sun, Source of Prosperity, His Magesty Beltamarush Savasroh under some special circumstances.



Who will open mouths
oozing with bloody slime
anticipating the satiation
is it You, Mistress, reigning in a
day of Mercury
is it You, invincible Demoness
Devour my children
I’m kneeled before you
Kill my wife
I’m kneeled before you
Kill my mother
I’m kneeled before you
But let mortals,
whose faces covered with dirt will
knell before you
Your name, Mistress, uncover me
Then I’ll be free
Blessed be you

Al Schera Kirtag
“The Black Scroll”

Canticle I

Horror cloaked the earth with bloody shroud
From North to South, from East to West.
From the edge of distant lands doom shall come.
For the stone has risen.
And a Shell has blown the sound.
Sting of horror – thus is her voice.
Formless comes – who will survive?
Shall the flesh withstand the forces of El-Giyah?

Canticle II

I, Rakasaul, King of the land of Mot, was sitting in throne hall of my palace and looking at the Sun. It was noon and gates of the palace were opened wide.
And then I’ve seen sunlight grew dim, and some one like black shade stood at the doors. And I was very amazed of that vision.
Then phantom said: “Don’t be amazed, King, but listen to me. At sunset you go to the shore of the sea, and if you do as I say you will know some great secret”.
After these words, phantom got heaving and then he fell to pieces turned to heap of black dust. And the air was full of very stench.
And I’ve followed his words. I went to the sea at sunset and stood close to the water. So I stood, and my servant and three warriors stood along with me.
When the sun was set, waters of the sea got boiling and big waves raised and swallowed all my people, so that I stood alone.
Then waters got split and lady has come out of the sea. She was not looking like women living on the earth, but like special and strange. Her eyes were as of the dead, her hair was long, and she was crowned with diadem as a queen and her legs were poisonous serpents.

And she said:

Listen to me, King. You should know that father of your father was not quite of human kind, for his mother originally was begotten by Great Fish. So that you are foredoomed to know some great secrets which are cursed and forsaken by gods of this world and which are forbidden for all people. But you should step on the path that leads to the Abode of ancient Gods, and you will get the wisdom that is hidden now in External Gloom, and you will live in the Palace of Eight copper Towers, and you
will know all secrets of thrown to the Abyss. Then you have to go home, and come back tomorrow and call me when the sun is set. My name is Neshiartnam. I am the sister and wife of the King of Serpents.

Next sunset I, Rakasaul, stood on the shore and summoned Neshiartnam calling her name. It was a name of deity. And tribe also called her Nzheg, and she was Shapattu Nskallaim Ammalinreqstavatt.

When the sun was set and the sea has become brown, waters got split and Neshiartnam has come out of  the sea and said: “Listen to me, King. Now you go to your palace and come back along with your son of three years”. The way was not long. So I’ve done as she said. And Neshiartnam Nzheg has come out of the sea again then took my son and ate him. And she said: “Now let me your daughter who is fourteen years old”. So I’ve done as she said. When the virgin was standing before her eyes she smothered and ate her. And she said: “Now let me your pregnant wife and be hurry”. I’ve done the will of Neshiartnam and let her my five seven months pregnant. Neshiartnam Nzheg has come out of the sea and tore the foetus out from the womb. She did it by her hands with claws and webs. Then she ate the child and drank the blood of his mother and she was satisfied with it.

Then she extracted the serpent from her vagina, tore its body to two pieces and wrote the spell upon the leafs of shell that she gave to me later and said:”When the Mercury is raised in Pisces, and unseen planet Khab sends its rays that skin of slaves and ignoble people itch from and they shall piss and defecate on the streets and warriors shall beat them with swards in wrath, you go to the Rof mountain that is called the Great one and standing on the top read the spell written on the first leaf.
And I went in right hour to that place two days and two nights, and then I’ve got the top of the mountain I’ve read the spell. Phantom I’ve seen before in my temple has come to me and I asked him:” I’ve seen three signs on my way. First one was a griffon with bite of carrion in its beak circling above my head and spreading the stench; second one was an ounce gnawing the throat of murdered warrior on narrow path; third sign was unknown fire in second night between two hills there are the graves of the foreigners. On You, Who Come Two Ways of Darkness. Tell me, should I expect a guest soon?”

And phantom answered me:” You understand right, King. You should meet the One, Who is much more Worse than Doom, in the deep of Nuf vale when the Moon is dead. His name is Lord of Quaking Mist, and when hearing his name men, elders and children die in sufferings and wombs of pregnant yawns before time. Now you go to the top of Kafvu Alsag and read the spell written by wife of the Serpents King on the second leaf. There you’ll behold black rainbow from end to end of sky and the he will come – the One, Who Precedes. He will show you the way to the goal.”

After these words phantom disappeared.

I went to Kafvu Alsag and I’ve got its top and read second spell. Then I’ve seen black rainbow of nine lines. Firs line was sparkling, second one – burning, third one – crying as a child, fourth – roaring as a beast, fifth line was looking like a metal, sixth – like a stone, seventh – clotted blood, eighth line was like death and ninth was an Unspeakable Horror. And the One Who Precedes has come to me. And then He said:

“Here are Nsarah Amalhassit Nuo fire and wind,
storm Arushesaar Tu earth and death.
We burn heaven with fire
In the dead of night (in the heart of night) we bury them under the soil
For we built the tower.
We set the lake on the edge of the rock.
And a cave there death is hidden.
Six angles are in the basement of the pit.
Our hand filled the gorges with corpses.
We send the ravens and vultures as our heralds.”

And then I asked Him:
Oh Sapnurasah, The Star of The Underworld. Tell me how can I prepare the way for the Lord os Quaking Mist?

And He answered me:
“Listen to me and do that I say.
Pave with skulls the road in the heart of the desert from the edge of sunset.
And dig the pit in that place as deep that you could not see the bottom. Then choose some wives of your tribe and captured and slaves.
Kill them all and, take their hearts and eyes and throw into the pit.
Make the star around the pit with dead bodies.
Star should be of one hundred and twelve rays, and each ray is three days walk length.
Hole of the pit is one night walk around.
Hen you choose some young men of your tribe and captured and slaves, some women and children to four years old and some white camels. Fill the pit with their bodies.
Block the pit up with big stones and let your best archers stay close to it and their number should be about two thousands.
And when griffons and vultures circle around the pit let your archers shoot them,
and you should trample dead vultures and cry: “not for you I prepared the feast”.
You should do it sixteen days and in seventeenth come to the pit in royal garments.
You need a crown of pure gold and a stone Heod that sets the silver aflame.
And cry aloud:
“Come forth, Oh Lord of the Quaking Mist. Come forth, Oh Delight of Burned Souls”.
Now you order to gather one hundred captured warriors and give them swards. Let they kill each other, till the one stay alive. Hang him inside the bell molded of pure copper. To hand him use the loop made of virgins hair.

And when storm wind shall blow it shall murder every one standing around and alive.
And you will see the look of the Lord of the Quaking Mist that throws everything into the boundless Ruination. And the path of death shall be opened.
So then you take the arrow of pure gold and loose it against the wind blowing from the North.
Your foot steps on the path to the land where sky looks like black mirror.
When bloody tears wash away your steps you listen to the word of stones.
Listen their dumb voice and you will come through the Quaking Mist to the city where tower spires pierced the sky till the stars.
Take a look and erase one hundred of thousands names from the stone.
Right after you did it the door shall be opened as fire that licks the flesh.
Then, taking your leave of the earth, you curse the way and enter.”

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