The Devil’s Music – Satan’s Sword (Behemoth)

Hand-drawn vector illustration with all seeing eye of God on an open palm. Human hand with eye of Providence in the triangle, esoteric symbols, magic runes, alchemical signs and the words Trust no one


For ages traveled by the holy fire
Today free, free and triumphant
To no avail the dungeons and chains
Of the inquisition
Poor and lonely are my adversaries
Who serving the beast for million years
With the whip and crown of thorns
Shall be remunerated today

Wanderer, perpetual and restless
Master, equally hideous & beautiful
Loved and abhorred, How simple it is
For many years my semen hath envenomed
The traces

Abomination to the earthly, to everything that
Is simple
And obscure at the same time
Therefore let us celebrate the antithesis
Of the eucharist
With the sacerdotal geshire you welcome us
In your dazing threshold
Let us commence! We are void of your bodies
The night, that we are honoured we celebrate
Perhaps the last during which I satisfy my desire

Wanderer, perpetual and restless
Master, equally hideous & beautiful

The real world or the imaginary vision
Still perceptible to my chaotic thoughts
Nothing shall taste the same again
I’m waiting for you to stab the world in its heart

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