Two Tips On Using the Search Bar

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The ultimate goal of my blog is to have enough posts up about a broad enough scope of material related to Satanism that anyone interested in a topic could put that topic into the search bar and find a wealth of information. However, WordPress’ search bar is not like Google’s; there’s a couple nuances to its use that can help you get the most out of it.

1. Do not type in full questions or sentences; this greatly diminishes the likelihood of any material appearing. Instead, put a single-word query relevant to your question into the bar, and it will pull up any articles with that phrase in it and rank its “relevancy” based on the number of times that phrase appears. For example, if you’re researching Lilith, don’t type “Was Lilith the first wife of Adam?” Instead, type simply “Lilith,” or “Lilith Adam.”

2. WordPress’ search function will not suggest alternate spellings if you enter a search query incorrectly. Double check to make sure you’ve spelled it right. If you’re looking up a particular demon, try other variations of the name.

Hope this helps.


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