VIDEO: 21 Tara Praises chanted in English, with beautiful art in the Nyingma and Atisha traditions!

VIDEO: 21 Tara Praises chanted in English, with beautiful art in the Nyingma and Atisha traditions!

This beautiful new video with the 21 Taras Praise sung in English, with meditational images in the traditions of Nyingma Terma and Atisha.

Principle Green Tara with Tara’s mantra opens and closes the praise with images by Jampay Dorje (Ben Christian). The chanted praise opens with the Praise to the Mantra, then the 21 Tara praises.

Play the video here:


00:00 Introduction

01:03 Mantra sung with Green Tara images

02:13 Praise sung to the Tara Mantra

02:39 Actual 21 Taras Praise

09:35 Mantra sung with Green Tara Images

The praise is the same for all lineages of 21 Taras (there are five or more teaching lineages). The main two are and Nyingma Terma & Atisha lineage (generally, similar names and activities) and Surya Gupta which have mostly different symbolism, colors and activities. For our video on the Surya Gupta lineage images with 21 Taras Praise, see>>


Venerable Zasep Rinpoche, author of the popular book Tara in the Palm of Your Hand and the forthcoming 2022 book Tara at Your Lotus Heart, will offer empowerment in the 21 Taras Atisha lineage
For information, or to register for the 21 Taras event Saturday, July 2, 2022 (6 pm ET) visit Eventbrite here (by donation)

Atisha and Nyingma lineage minor differences

For the purposes of this video, the Atisha and Nyingma Terma traditions are associated together because — with some teaching variations* — they have almost the same names, activities, benefits and colors in both. The main difference is Atisha’s system simplifies the symbols in the hands of Tara are mostly in the form of vases, while the Nyingma Terma has a symbol on Tara’s lotus flower bloom in her left hand (for example, a vajra, double vajra, phurba, wish-fulfilling jewel.) The images in this video  are the Nyingma Terma, but aside from the lotus and symbol they are mostly the same as the Atisha system. (See footnote for clarification*)

The 21 Taras

1. Tara who is swift and courageous Drolma Nyurma Pamo
2. Tara Sarasvati Drolma Yangchenma
3. Tara who grants supreme merit Drolma Sonam Chokter
4. Tara Ushnisha Vijaya Drolma Tsuktor Namgyal
5. Tara Kurukulla Drolma Rikchema
6. Tara Tara who destroys harmful influences Jikché Chenmo
7. Tara who is invincible Drolma Shyenkyi Mitupma
8. Tara, triumphant over others Drolma Shyen Migyalwa
9. Tara of the Khadira Forest Drolma Sengdeng Nakkyi
10. Tara who conquers the three worlds Drolma Jikten Sumgyal
11. Tara who bestows wealth Drolma Nor Terma
12. Tara who brings auspiciousness Drolma Tashi Dönché
13. Tara who destroys the power of enemies Drolma Drapung Jomma
14. Tara Furrowing Brow Drolma Tronyer Chendze
15. Tara who is perfect peace Drolma Rabtu Shyiwa
16. Tara who is ablaze with light Drolma Barwé Öchen
17. Tara of limitless subjugation Drolma Pakmé Nönam
18. Tara who cleanses all poisons Drolma Mabja Chenmo
19. Tara who is unconquerable and victorious Drolma Mipam Gyalmo
20. Tara who protects from Epidemics Drolma Ritröma
21. Tara Marici Drolma Özer Chenma

* NOTE There are some differences even within lineages, such as on Tara 9 which tends to be Green in both Nyingma and Surya Gupta traditions she may be white on Atisha in some teaching systems) Also, in various Atisha traditions, Heroic Tara 1 may be the center of the mandala, in others White, and in others Green.

Watch for our in-depth feature on these 21 Taras according to Nyingma Terma and Atish lineage this weekend!

21 Tara Paintings by Lasha Mutual (website)>>
Green Tara image (with mantra) Jampay Dorje Ben Christian (website)>>

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