Video: 3 Principal Paths — Essence of Lamrim: Part 1 Renunciation for laypeople: Ven Zasep Rinpoche

The Lamrim teachings on the Three Principal Paths — it can be spelled Principal or Principle, either is correct with slightly different contexts — is considered the very essence of Buddha’s teaching. (Therefore his Principles but also his Principal teachings.) The three are Renunciation, Bodhichitta and Shunyata. How can I practice Renunciation, Bodhichitta, and Shunyata when I’m an ordinary layperson? How can I motivate myself to renounce attachments while still a layperson?

In part one of this short series on the Three Principle Paths (Three Principal Paths), Venerable Zasep Rinpoche, in wonderful and concise teaching, explains Renunciation for the ordinary lay practitioner. In practical terms, Rinpoche explains how to incorporate renunciation into modern life.

Transcript and subtitles to follow.

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